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Dan Smith is a maverick entrepreneur with a unique background in chemical engineering and private equity.  He started enterprising at the young age of 12 and made the impressive accomplishment of retiring by 31.

Early in his career, Dan contributed to the 140x growth of a public company and played a role in its $41 billion sale to ExxonMobil.  He has also served as the CEO of a public company New York City based and worked as a private equity advisor on Wall Street, negotiating nine-figure international deals with the heads of nationally-owned companies.

Even though Dan had created tremendous personal freedoms in the early decades of his career, he then discovered many subjective aspects of his life weren’t reflecting the freedom of choice he had created.  This journey led to his dedicating the second half of his career to understanding the interactions of human psychology, physical illness, unseen personality patterns, and the unconscious limitations presented by them.  

He has spent countless hours learning from world-renowned health and quantum science experts to understand the root causes of physical illness and stress.  His specialty is connecting how these root causes show up in founders’ unconscious patterns within their businesses and relationships.  Merging energetics with business creation has become his passion. This consulting approach attracts forward thinking business owners and influencers by helping them operate with powerful intentionality in their business missions.

At his consulting and investment firm, The Profitable Leader, Dan builds upon this unique background through a blending ontological coaching with business energetics. His unique methodology enables business founders to significantly boost their bottom-line margins. He has assisted select companies generate hundreds of millions of dollars in increased income and business valuations. This is primarily accomplished by guiding the owners through discovery of their own unconscious patterns that are being reflected in the business.In addition to his consulting work, Dan and his wife Shannon lead private retreats for inspiring leaders from around the world, combining elements of energetics, healing, and entrepreneurship. Together, they have worked to make a positive impact in the business world through their unique approach and dedication to personal growth and well-being.The couple haver run their own private real estate holding company for over 30 years. Dan and Shannon are co-owners of Gloria's Country Care, a “village philosophy” residential assisted living facility on a five-acre farm in Woodland, California.Dan and Shannon have four driven children and a new grandson. They enjoy all things Disney, global travel, and holistic living with a lot of magic moments in between

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Visionary Team of The Village at St.John

Lynn Sison is a highly accomplished and experienced individual with a diverse range of skills and expertise in various fields. She began her career as a self-employed accountant, providing services to small businesses and individuals. Her work included preparing personal and corporate tax returns, as well as managing the finances of high net-worth individuals.

In addition to her accounting background, Ms. Sison is also an accomplished entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in real estate development, sales, and mortgages. She has owned and operated multiple residential care facilities for the elderly for over 21 years, and is a certified Administrator in both California and Arizona. This diverse experience has allowed her to gain expertise in a wide range of industries, including financial services, high tech, and healthcare services.

Ms. Sison has also had notable success in the business development field, having management and executive experience from two internet startup companies in the financial services industry. Furthermore, she has demonstrated her ability to raise capital through her successful raising over $3M in real estate and healthcare ventures.

Ms. Sison's educational background is also noteworthy, she holds a bachelor's degree in Accounting from Pepperdine University and a master's degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and Healing from the University of Santa Monica. This combination of education and experience has given her a unique perspective on business, accounting and healthcare. Allowing her to approach her work with a holistic mindset, ensuring the well-being of her clients and her facility residents.

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Chief Heart Officer and Visionary Team of The Village at St.John

Shannon Smith is passionate about all things health, wellness, and business energetics. Her own health struggles led her to study holistic medicine for the last 19 years with an emphasis on identifying the root cause of illness and stress. After studying with world renowned health leaders, The Art of Healing became her professional mission over the past ten years where she and her husband, Dan, lead many private retreats for influential leaders over the globe as they merge healing with founders and their businesses.

As well, she and Dan are founders of a private real estate holdings company for the last 30 years that focuses on renovating residential rentals. Shannon’s love for making things beautiful began with flipping “fixer uppers” at nine years old with her savvy real estate parents.

Dan & Shannon are a part of the new visionary team and co-owners at Gloria’s Country Care. CGG is an established care home on a five acre farm in Woodland, CA operating with the same village philosophy and visionary team.  

With a degree in Speech Communication and Business, Shannon has merged her love for people, deep conversations, and heart centered business into one as she leads the branding and marketing for all of their business pursuits.

After creating together for over 35 years, Dan and Shannon have four vibrant children and a new grandson with complementary missions. Their family is often known as The Veggie Family that loves to travel to Disney World, watch movies, ponder quantum science, snow ski, and host transformational events.

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Board of Director

Jenee Rawlings is a seasoned professional in the credit union industry, with over 33 years of experience in various executive roles. She has extensive knowledge in Human Resource Management, Finance, Leadership, and Organizational Development.

Jenee holds a bachelor's degree in Business Management with a focus in Organizational Psychology, and earned her master's degree in Business Administration with honors from Arizona State University.

She currently serves as the President and CEO of Yolo Federal Credit Union, and her leadership and expertise were recognized by the Sacramento Business Journal when she was named as a "Most Admired CEO" in 2022.

Jenee is also a dedicated community volunteer, and has served on the Board of Directors for The Village at St. John's since 2015.

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President of the Board

Marilyn Mitchell is a long-time resident of Yolo County, having lived in Woodland for over 75 years. She graduated from Woodland High School and earned a bachelor's degree in Social Services from Chico State University.

After working in retail management for over two decades, Marilyn began a 19-year career with Yolo Superior Court as a Legal Process Clerk. Over the years, she advanced to the position of Deputy CEO over operations and facilities.

Since her retirement from the court in 2009, Marilyn has been working as the office manager at St. John's Preschool. She is an active member of St. John's UCC, where she has been involved in the chapel services at St. John's Retirement Village for over 25 years, sang in the church choir for 58 years, and served on church boards for 50 years.

Marilyn currently holds several leadership positions, including being the treasurer for the church and preschool, President of the Board for The Village at St. John and treasurer for the Community Christian Academy.

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Jane Martin is a native of Yolo County with a farming heritage, and she earned her bachelor's degree from the University of California at Davis.  

She began her career working for the Yolo County Department of Child Support Services, where she spent 27 years as a team supervisor and subject matter expert for the state of California.

Jane is now retired.  She and her husband have three children.  They are enjoying their time as grandparents to six grandchildren with one on the way. In her free time, she enjoys playing piano for her church and volunteering for The Village at St. John since 2005.

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